Tank Mods

Popped up to Heisenburgs man shed the other night with a view to making a start on his top secret new project. This came to an abrupt end ‘due to a technical problem’  so after a short period of twiddling thumbs (how do you ‘twiddle’?) we dragged the tank out from under the workbench with a view to ‘modifying’ it to fit the Yamaharley.

It was at this point that Heisenburg announced that he hadn’t done much ally welding and this was an opportunity to “try it out”. The two rear tap holes needed filling and a new bung welding at the front (where there is clearance above the Harley front pot)

Judging from the below picks he was either   A) Telling Porky Pies B) Sickeningly Talented or  C) Lucky beyond comprehension (I’ve asked him to buy me a lotto ticket for this week).

tank 005

tank 011

tank 004                  tank 003

One thought on “Tank Mods

  1. I’d be careful to avoid any deep ‘pot holes’ or ‘speed humps’ or we may find out it has not stuck together as well as it looks…..

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