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BFoM 2017 (Twisted iron Custom Village)



And on the High street ………… the raving mad Mr. Millyard brought a few of his Frankenstein- esque creations including three 5 Cylinder KH’s and this thing of weird beauty! Trust me – it actually sounded a whole lot better than it looks!!


Stripping part 2

The tank Mac was going to use for this project was from an earlier xs650 and had the recesses in for the earlier badged tanks – so Heisenburg kindly offered up the tank off his Xs project.

Got the tank home and began getting rid of the rather fetching   lime green paint.  

Problem now was that the key was lost and I didn’t want to butcher the cap to get it off. Enter Heisenburg the “locksmith” ………. less than 3 seconds it took him to open it…….. ‘gone in sixty seconds’ ………. amateurs!!

Paint off ……. now to replicate the “rust effect” perfected on the Yamaharley  which had all the ‘experts’ baffled …………….. that’ll be leave it out in the rain then!!

Stripping in the shed

See my previous post ………. what have I done!! …….. so far pretty much everything I’ve pulled off this bike is mullered! front light, clutch lever assembly, rear suspension (shaft bent on one shock) front forks, front wheel (found it’d been kerbed) , the wiring has been butchered beyond recognition…….even the centre stand snapped as I set the bike upright!

But hey…….. on the up side, most of these bits would have been binned anyway! The frame seems straight, the exhaust (although leaking from the centre joint) seems solid (but I’ll be hacking it up any way) the rear wheels straight (although one of the disc bolts has rounded off) and the parts are being gathered for it’s transformation ……… can any body tell what it is yet?


New Project

Oh…. what have I done??????

yep …. again….

“and now …. Breath”

The Yamaharley was all done ……….. time to fire her up ……… and ………. wheres the noise?

So a trip to Wolfy with a newly acquired ‘race can’ to replace the road unit.

Off with the old and mod the new. Wonderful to see the bright white light you get when cutting Ti!


And … hey presto!!!!

Got to be honest …. it’s not loud, more a low grumble but the old girl feels like she can now breath!

Whilst at the shop I spotted an old friend –  hiding –




You just Know Macs got a birthday coming up!!

Morning after!

Mac and the family went to ‘Silverbury’ a local music festival and quaffed possibly too much ale whilst sat in the sun.

The following morning (Fathers day) Mac was presented with the below!


MCN and Twisted Iron

Mac received a call  from Twisted iron to ask if they could use a picture of the YamaHarley to promote the custom show at this years Brackley Festival of Motorcycling.

He wasn’t listening properly (again) and so was very surprised to find his bike in glorious Technicolour in MCN. Grabbed a screen shot for prosperity…….. well made up!


NVT show 2017

Had another great day at the NVT custom show on Sunday. Fleets of the most superb customs there ……… and Ed – who took her camera didn’t think to take any photos.

So a big thanks again to Dave and crew  for a cracking day!

Twisted Iron were on the case – who took the below photos (amongst many others – check ’em out on face ache) of the yamaharley – thanks gents – if Russ and Bev are ok with it I’ll pop some photo’s up later.

On the subject of Twisted Iron – they’ll be running the custom show at the BFoM this year so I’ve popped a registration in for the ‘yamaharley’ and may even see if the XS ‘ll fire up.


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