BFoM 2015

No surprises here………………… knew it’d happen!!

Thankfully the judges saw the amount of effort, one off engineering and talent Heisenburg put into his XS project and rightfully awarded him a Winners plaque in the Northants V-Twin (God this must really be upsetting Dave – awarding trophies to non Harleys) Brackley Festival of Motorcycling Custom Show.

Well done mate…………. getting a bit of a habit – the Scavengers picking up awards?


Heisenburg during the ‘parade’ (an excuse to rag it through a town centre without being chased by the rozzers)



I prefer this picture as I look a little less ‘substantial’.


One thought on “BFoM 2015

  1. Spooky how yours is also sat next to the same bike mine was sat next to at Jacks Hill when I won??

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