Northants V-Twin Custom Show

Mac rode to the show at Jacks Hill Cafe, Towcester on Sunday and placed the Scavenger bike amongst some stunning machinery, amongst the puddles. He thought he stood half a chance at a prize amongst the dozen or so other bikes that had braved the miserable weather. Unfortuately for Mac but fortunately for Dave from Northants V-Twin the sun came out and so did a lot more customs. The day was a success and the crowds turned out for another great show courtesy of Dave, Julie and the team!

The icing on the cake came when Macs kids found him and told him that a rosette had been placed on the bike which read “Best of Show”……………. never going to hear the end of it!!


The award reflects what a bunch of mates gathering in sheds and garages can acheive – when we first began these notes, Mac listed those who’d helped weld, grind, machine and craft some of the bits across the bike which made it what it is – so the award belongs to all of them – the ‘Scavengers’ ………………………………. Yeah right – He’s keeping it!!!!!

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One thought on “Northants V-Twin Custom Show

  1. Well done mate that was a really difficult show to win, there was some stunning machines there and although I knew you would do well I diddn’t expect a win but I’m really glad to see that the judges could see past all the fat wallets and bling to spot the real diamond of the show.

    You were lucky mine is still not finished thats all I’m saying…….. 😀

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