XT600 Ex-zorst

I quite like making exhausts, I was given a crash course by ‘Wolfy’, friend of the Scavengers and an all round decent chap, very creative and tallented more than me, his work with stainless steel is world class but when it come to needlecraft or macrame I’m the boss OVER 60% of the time.

Unfortunately for me, stainless steel is the material of choice for exhausts, can be tricky to get in the size you want and the bends used must be formed using the mandrel proccess. I am in lockdown, mail order is very limited so I am aiming to use whatever I can get my grubby little mitts on, I have a few leftovers and managed to order some bends, it will be fine.

First things first, we need some flange’s, we, the Scavengers love a nice flange, not oversized or rough to look at, a nice tidy flange.

I dont have a way of cutting the middle out so chain drilling holes will do, you just drill in a circle and use a small chisel to join the holes then finish up with a file.

Thats not too bad, I made a pair as for some reason this single cyliner engine needs to outlets.. Could have got a pair of these en eBay for 16 quid but thats not our way!

Next I need to work out how to make a tidy job of bringing together the two pipes in to one, I need to buy something so I bought a 180 degree bend.

This cost eleven quid delivered. I used a spacer to stand away from the pipe, you can see this under the ruler and balenced it against some blocks to keep it straight, marked with a sharpie and started cutting.

I can now weld these together to make a collector, these are a bigger size than the tube I will use to come from the manifold, they slip together nicely, time to get a move on with the manifolds.

Added the first parts, can’t go too far wrong here as long as they dont foul each other.

That all fits ok, slips nicely in to the collector we made earlier.

Needed to bring the 2″ pipe down to 38mm so I just squashed it in the vice, lined it up on the collector and drew round it then took the grinder to it and hey presto they did’nt fit, spent ages tinkering with my grinder to get a good fit but got there in the end.

There were a couple of other bends to play with to route it around the frame but you get the gist of it, none of it matches but I’m not bothered. Check out the sexy end can, it’s from a superduke 1290, it came from Mac’s Harley project and was very easy to unbolt whilst my daughter distracted him by throwing rocks at the front of his house.

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