XT600 Update

Been busily not doing much in the lock down, like most folk I guess, tinkering in the garden and more importantly doing a few bits to the XT project…. OOOHHH exciting I hear you cry! So, it’s about time I got this thing standing on it’s own two feet, I purchased a set of yokes on eBay from Legend-biking, they went missing as things do from time to time but I was sent a replacement set so I could continue, different year bike but I decided it would probably be ok, my mistake.. seems like the later models have a longer head stock tube, by about an inch so the newly arrived yokes wont fit…..ok I’ll chop a bit out of them and make these ones fit!

Before you say it, no I could’nt just wind down the nut further, the upper bearing is smaller so would not reach as the shaft widens. We, the Scavengers pride ourselves on our wide shafts and exposed nuts, rumour has it Mac’s nuts are CHROMED, I cry like a girly when I get caught by a stinging nettle so I’ll stick with my nuts as they are, standard.

There you go, a nice big straight shaft with a pot of lube in the background and a GRINDER…what the hell is happening!!!! I thought we were family friendly…..

Pretty happy, the front end is working as it should at this stage, time for me to give the back end a seeing too…..TEE HEE HEE…., honestly, a couple of beers and this place is going to ruin..

Here’s a sneaky peak so you can see what direction I’m heading in, Z400 tank from ’75 and straight’ish handle bars that I failed to return from the Last job I did for Mac, the tank cost me 35 quid plus postage on eBay, it does not fit well but is the shape I want so it’s staying, the seat is from 2016 and is an even worse fit but thats staying too, I really like it…just need to blend it all together, it’ll be fine, I have a plan!!

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