Too old for drops(?)

Having had some time to spend in the garage I realise how unlikely it will be that I’ll even ride the Cafe racer as I am neither 18 years of age nor a yoga instructor…. and the thought of pulling up at some lights screaming in agony at my seized hip joints as I try to lift my foot off the rear sets to place it on the tarmac before the bike meets it – doesn’t fill me with ‘joy joy’ feelings.

So Having come to this conclusion I backed the Harley out of the garage only to wonder how long it would be before I found mid controls and drop handle bars equally as uncomfortable.

With this in mind I have started on plan B.

Firstly take a set of R1 forks that you have laying around the garage…. as I didn’t want the headlight brackets (on the forks) I took a headlight (also in the parts bin) with indicators incorporated (with negates the necessity to fit bar end indicators ) and made a semi circle bracket, mounted it to an ally bracket that I knocked up and bolted it to the bottom yoke (shame the screw holes were not parallel) The nuts on the sides and on the back adjuster will be replaced with nice big brass wingnuts when they get here. I’m not sure how it will look yet (sticks out further than I’d have liked) until it gets married to the bike.

So …… rough mock up and the front end should look something like this …. however I’ve realised that the bars now look too skinny but as luck would have it I’ve also got a set of 1″ bars stepped down to 7/8 but this will mean the risers will need boring out to an inch……. enter the ever helpful Mr. Heisenberg (who has already knocked me up a very useful tool for removing the front spindle.

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