Put Put Put

Tonight a little slice of history was made, OK when I say little I may be blowing things out of proportion a touch, never the less the Enfield has taken it’s first breath of 14/1 for a great deal of time, I don’t know when it was last started but I’ll make an educated guess that this was laid up 30+ years ago maybe a lot more, who knows.

I’ve been tinkering with this trying to get it started for a week or so but no joy, just a few pop’s and bangs to keep me interested, the clock is ticking and the Brackley bike show is now only a month away so I asked for a little help from Cooper, he’s a pain in the arse really, he has the midas touch…. just as I expected after me trying for a week he got it going in 5 minutes, bigger battery to make a better spark and force more fuel in to the carb as it’s not filling correctly, few kicks and off she went, back in to life after a very long sleep.

Need to make up a racing exhaust now…

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