Internal throttle with inverted levers..NICE

Well.., popped round to Mac’s tonight to borrow a cable making kit for my new internal throttle, trying to keep the cables well tucked away this time.


I should probably stop fannying about with such luxuries but I like the idea of a clean front end, I would like inverted levers too but I have hit a little snag, you can’t have both as the cables need to run the same path….Bugger…. So what now, a quick Google and the forums are saying the same thing, you can’t have both although there is a company called Cooke engineering that will make you the kit for the princely sum of 600 bucks, that’s 600 more than I am willing to pay so I need another solution, quite a bit of head scratching later I have a rough plan, I’ll just offset the cable for the throttle and run the brake to the side, i realise it will need to be inside the outer or we will get snags so lets crack on.


This is the internal assembly as I got it.


The problem part is the slider, well and both end plugs but they are easy to fix, you can see the cable we need to hide inside this part without interfering with the normal oporation of the slider.


Make a new one is the answer.


I drilled a 4mm hole for the pin and a 10mm pocked for the roller.


Added a slot to hide the cable, quite a bit bigger than the cable so I can add a lot of grease, any snagging here will be felt in the throttle.


Pop it in the lathe and make relief cuts to keep the friction down, keep it simple.


Almost done, as you can see I have added a slot and moved the grub screw 90 degrees so the offset for the pinch hole for the end of the throttle cable wont interfere with the brake cable.


It’s running nice and smooth even with the cable running through it, should be able to finish it tomorrow, I’ll report back then.

Few more pictures to add, first one shows the new end plate, this retains the end of the throttle cable but allows the front brake to go straight through, it all look’s like I’ve made it on the wonk but I was trying to keep the throttle as close to the middle and the brake as close to the side.


Chop, chop… off goes the now spare part of the handlebar!


Bit of a problem as now the outside of the assembly does not fit in the tube very well, it’s a bit sloppy, well very sloppy so I have made a collar to take up all the slack.


I needed a way to exit the cables in a tidy place, should have done this before I welded the handlebars to the risers, good job I only tacked it.


Next I needed to add something for the inverted lever to mount in to so I added some bar I hollowed out, thought I had better weld it in the lathe to keep it all straight, I used a rolling centre to hold it in place.


Dont look too bad assembled either, pretty tidy.


So this is both cables exiting the front of the handle bars , I think they look alright, one issue  I may have is I am having to use a throttle sized cable for a front brake which is not ideal but a larger cable simply wont fit through the throttle assembly, I can have a full size clutch though so all is not lost, well other than the lack of front brakes….


Now waiting for the levers to turn up, I’ll report back!

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