Bo11ox, Pi55 and other expletives..

Not a happy bunny…

Fitted the new shiny generator tonight to prepare for finally firing her up, we have a spark and I have checked the timing so we are good to go, quick check over the carb needed but not a big job, we can fire it up on wd40 straight down her throat.

I modified the original nut from the standard generator to fit the new ‘Sparx’ Unit and was awarded for my efforts with a little surprise, when you tighten the nut up the crank goes solid..  I’m a little far in to the build to be dealing with this kind of problem…GGRRRRR

Here’s what I found.

So as you can see there is something wrong, this amount of end float would be destructive so there’s only one thing for it, I’m going to buy another engine from India, they are really good and have electric start and….OK who am I kidding, you know me I’ll fix it, I have some really big hammers…!

I didn’t enjoy ripping it apart again although I’m shocked how much crap was inside, all sorts of metal particles and guff, here it is in bits.


I’m really careful to organise parts so I don’t miss anything so I know everything I had was put back in the engine, the funny thing is that a spacer turned up the other week just after Mac visited, I’m not trying to point fingers at ‘captain Sabotage’ but we know he is very capable of underhanded tactics, I thought we were friends but it just goes to show you can’t trust anyone, my only action is to write a strongly worded letter to Scotland yard to demand JUSTICE.

Still waiting on the reply from Scotland yard, I know they must be busy so I’ll just sit tight, might try writing to Shaw Taylor, I doubt he’s doing much these days.

So tonight I started putting it all back together again, turns out the ‘returned’ spacer was a little worn, got the crank cases back together and still had play to the tune of 50 thou (1.2mm) so still to sloppy, I made a new spacer to the right size and tried again… it’s now a good fit, no side play at all so I’ve bolted the 2 cases together and fitted the timing wheels to now find out I have no idea how the points ignition aligns it’s self, I presumed it would just work but thinking about it i now need to figure this out.

No pictures tonight I’m afraid as my phone is out of battery so you will have to imagine a very bare engine sat on some wooded block perched on my bench, looking very sorry for it’s self but with no play in the crank!

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