Right, now we know this contraption is definitely going to be a board track racer and not some shandy swilling gentleman’s velocipede we can add another important component, the handlebars, nice and short, swept down and kept simple to withstand the tremendous forces that will be thrust upon them when I unleash the full ‘SEVENTEEN’ horsepower and rely on the structural integrity when I thrash this beast as speeds over ‘FIFTY MILES PER HOUR’, we need to get these right or I am ‘TOAST’.

I had a good look on Google images to check out some styles and found that keep it simple looks good so I started bending some tubes and offering them up to the bike until I got an angle that looks right, made a little stub to go inside both tubes and a couple of standoff tubes to mount the handlebars, I went for the fixed position rather than adjustable to keep the appearance trim, I quite like it!


Welded it all up with my tig and the use of a couple of vee blocks, looks like I got it pretty straight.


Next I welded the bars to the top of the girders in the ‘full race’ position, I can imagine my thinner self laid over the tank ready to race, enjoying breathtaking acceleration up to fifty mph much quicker than most mopeds and bicycles.


I’m not planning on racing any mopeds just incase my calculations are wrong but in theory I should be able to beat them.

I have some grips on the way from China in the style of Coke bottles so I now need to decide on levers.

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